3 Simple Ways To Look Dapper This Easter

It's always good to try new looks but the old saying "less is more" can often be wise words to follow, especially when we are bombarded with new tendencies, colors, shapes, and cuts. And, yes, the way us gents dress is always observed by our social circles and networks; this is why we have to be conscious about not only what we wear, but how we wear it.

The idea of keeping it simple doesn't have to mean dress plainly, but not to overthink things. Because Easter is around the corner, here are 3 simple ways to look dapper this Easter Sunday:


Easter fashion traditionally is about pastel colors such as pink, purple, green, coral, blue, etc., but this doesn't mean your festive attire should be inspired in the Easter Bunny.  Instead, be bold and different, choose the classic and classy black and white.

But, why white? Just consider the 2016 Men's Spring/Summer collections, designers are having an affair with white legwear. Color-blocking looks are superb because of the elegant, sophisticated and clean feel to it.

Style Advice: Cool cotton trousers and white jeans draws the eye upward, which helps your torso look longer and make you appear taller.  



Muted or dusty pastel colors have a neutral quality, helping you keep the masculine element in your look; even if you are wearing pink. I always advice my gents to be stylish without looking feminine. Sexual ambiguity, after all, isn't exactly what most of my readers hope to achieve after reading my posts.

So, if you choose the monochrome look this Easter Sunday (whatever your color of choice may be), the balance of tones is crucial. To achieve a timelessly elegant look, wear a muted color shirt, and roll up your sleeves. This is a style statement to indicate a relaxed mood, very appropriate for a Sunday. If you decide to wear a bow-tie, let this accessory be the highlight of your look. Match your bow-tie with your dark fitted jeans.

Style Advice: Step outside of your sartorial comfort zone and make a bold statement using muted or dusty pastel colors on your everyday looks this Spring/Summer 2016.


No matter how elegantly coordinated your outfits are, if the fit is not letter-perfect, all your work and money spent is worth nothing. Well-fitting clothes will always complement your body type, whereas poor-fitting ones will draw attention to your problem areas. 

Remember, well-fitting clothes makes you look your best, and makes you feel better about yourself. Unarguably, fit is a very important aspect of style.

Style Advice: Fit is king. The most bodacious improvement you can make in your style is to make sure your clothes fit perfectly.

One Last Thing

I certainly hope this article helps you inspire the way you dress and approach style on a daily basis. This Easter Sunday, keep your style simple. And remember, your clothing should accentuate the things that people enjoy about your personality, whether it is your intelligence, warmth, or sense of humor. 

Enjoy your Easter Sunday with style!
Promote yourself, dress well.

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