3 Essential Street Menswear Looks For Autumn-Winter 2015


For some gents, dressing well is still a daily struggle. As we survive unpredictable weather changes, it is understandable that most of us would rather hibernate our style until spring comes back. However, we are living in an era dominated by self-promotion, and not dressing well can be costly. 

So, in the war on unforeseeable climate changes, below are few street-style fashion ideas you can adopt to stay relevant this Autumn-Winter 2015 (AW15):



Blue is a color that all men already own and feel comfortable in --whether in shades of a timeless navy, midnight blue or cadet-- is a masculine, easy to wear hue that any gent can pull off. Monochromatic styling is the most directional and easy to achieve look for this season. Going monochromatic has gain popularity lately, and some of the best dressed men in the world are making a statement with this bold trend. To successfully pull this off, don't be afraid of varying shades, playing with patterns, and using different textures. 

Blue is an excellent investment because is a color that can easily be incorporated into any man's wardrobe and that it will never go out of style. 

blue on blue - option 1
blue on blue - option 2



This season will allow for you to strip back on the styling as less is definitely more. True fashion aficionados are wearing super simplistic pieces in the colors of the AW15 season. Two of these must-have colors are the Stormy Weather Grey --a powerful blue grey shade that is strong and very masculine-- and the Marsala Red --a winey red-brown that adds warmth to your look. This combination (photo below) works well because the colors are in harmony; these are highlighting the beautiful red color of the pants and the grey t-shirt and coat do not interfere with the pants and the boots. It is important to show how few essential pieces in the wardrobe is more important than having a lot of clothes.

Certain men's magazines are advertising the idea that being a stylish man requires tremendous effort and money. The truth is you can upgrade your style with pieces you already own and look better and more stylish --all with a minimum of effort. 

street style - option 1
street style - option 2


Cold weather is coat weather. And when it comes to AW15 dress, nothing has a bigger impact on your style than the coat you wear. A wool coat can definitely be the most elegant winter piece in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a smart suit or with a casual look. Sporting a wool topcoat will not only keep you warm, but it will add a refined element to your street-style look. 

wool coat - option 1
wool coat - option 2



Dressing well can definitely be a daily struggle. Regardless of the weather or the season, knowing exactly what to buy is a battle every gentleman has when it comes to stay relevant in this era driven by self-promotion. Refer back to this shortlist of street-style menswear's outfit ideas for ways to wear fresh trends this season without looking try-hard.

And remember, before buying any AW15 piece, consider how your new item will fit with your existing wardrobe.


Now I want to hear your thoughts, so let me know what AW15 pieces you will be investing in this season, and how you intend on wearing them, in the comments section below… (lo puedes hacer en español).


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